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Reno Youth Jazz Orchestra

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Reno Youth Jazz Orchestra

The Reno Youth Jazz Orchestra is a the Reno Jazz Orchestra's twin organization, and is dedicated to promoting jazz music and jazz education to young, gifted musicians in the Reno-Saprks-Carson-Tahoe communities. Drawing great talent from local schools, the goal is to offer young people opportunities for education, music appreciation, ensemble experience with peers, and a rich cultural immersion in all things relating to Jazz culture.

The Reno Youth Jazz Orchestra (RYJO) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization established in 2006 by members and supporters of the Reno Jazz Orchestra. Membership in the RYJO is by audition.

Financial support for the Reno Youth Jazz Orchestra is coordinated by the Reno Jazz Orchestra.


Call 250-5884 or email the RYJO to schedule your audition.

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