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Reno's own Peter Epstein (Associate Professor and UNR’s Director of Jazz & Improvisational Music) and the members of his NYC-based quartet (Ralph Alessi – trumpet, Sam Minaie – bass, and Mark Ferber – drums) have released a critically acclaimed new album on Songlines Recordings, Polarities.

“…It’s music of a higher order that’s filled with endless surprises…expanding and contracting in fascinating ways.” (

“…It’s a controlled burn…Epstein never loses the lyricism that defines his style.” (Improvised blog)

“Saxophonist Peter Epstein is an open-ended conceptualist whose quartet's forays swell, storm and sidle off like a cinema collage of 24 hours in the life of a spring sky.” (Jazz Times Magazine)

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Peter Epstein

Peter Epstein began his career in 1984 in Portland, Oregon where he apprenticed with resident musicians Nancy King and Glen Moore. In 1992, after four years of studying jazz and various world music genres at California Institute of the Arts, Peter earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and relocated to New York City. Since then he has appeared on over 30 recordings and toured in more than 20 countries with artists including Bobby Previte, Brad Shepik, Ralph Alessi, Michael Cain, Medeski, Martin, & Wood, Mike Stern, Jim Black, Ravi Coltrane, and many others. 

As a leader, Peter has released six albums - Origin Records: Abstract Realism (PE, saxophone; Andy Barbera, guitar; Sam Minaie, bass; Matt Mayhall, drums) NEW RELEASE!; MA Recordings: Old School (PE, saxophone; Scott Colley, bass; Peter Erskine, drums); Staring At the Sun (PE, saxophones; Jamie Saft, accordion; Chris Dahlgren, bass; Jim Black, drums); The Invisible (PE, saxophones; Jamie Saft, piano, organ, and accordion; Chris Dahlgren, bass; Jim Black, drums), and Solus (solo saxophone recording in San Martino Cathedral, Lucca, Italy); Songlines Records: Lingua Franca (PE, saxopohones; Brad Shepik, guitar; Matt Kilmer, percussion). Peter is currently involved in a number of ongoing or continuing projects: Idée Fixe, The Collective, EEA, Ralph Alessi’s Modular Theatre, The James Carney Band, Bug, and the Peter Epstein Quartet with Gary Versace, Sam Minaie, and Mark Ferber. He also teaches privately and frequently presents master classes and workshops around the world.

Peter received a Master of Music degree with an emphasis in classical saxophone from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2004; now teaching at UNR, he is currently Assistant Professor of Music and Director of the Program in Jazz and Improvisational Music. Peter is also a co-founder (with Ralph Alessi) and Vice President of the School for Improvisational Music in Brooklyn, NY.



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